What is the Best Skincare Brand?

Millions of people look for skin care products every year that will help them look great, with a glowing skin, smooth, soft and radiant, some skincare creams are very expensive and others are more affordable, however sometimes the most popular brands are not the best for your skin.

The problem with some of the most popular brands is that they budget is more focused on marketing than on research and development to bring the best possible products, so when they launch a new product, usually it is just similar to what they have done before but with different colorants or a little more moisture, etc.

So when looking for the best skin care brand i prefer to buy only the creams that contain natural ingredients, because i know that they will not hurt my skin and that it will stimulate the natural regeneration of my skin, especially if i want to keep a young looking skin.

You have to be careful because many of the skincare creams on the market include chemicals and other synthetic ingredients that although may help in some ways to cover up imperfections that contain alcohol, parabens or petrolatum which will harm more your skin, provoke dryness and cause wrinkles .

So for me the best skin care brand is the one that contains organic ingredients and have been proven to improve the health of my skin by protecting it from free radicals and making it look younger and more radiant.

Some of the best natural ingredients are Manuka honey, wakame kelp, functional keratin, coenzyme Q10, avocado extract, herbs, plant extracts and many others that have proved to give my skin the nutrients that it needs.

For example hyaluronic acid is a vital element of our skin that keeps it young and glowing, but as we age we lose hyaluronic acid, but Wakame Kelp increases hyalurnoic acid in our body.

Source by Jane Clay R.