Skin Care Products – 7 Things You Must Know

You’ve probably heard it a hundred times, beautiful skin starts with a healthy style of living. Skin care products are useless without good life decisions. Emotional health will show up physically on the body sooner or later. The most effective skincare probably would have made good eating and drinking decisions.

  1. Drinking to excess and smoking are a killer on the skin. Smokers usually have many lines around the lips and mouth area. Drinking results in red, blotchy areas with tiny broken blood vessels.
  2. A healthy diet is critical to beautiful skin also. The more vegetables, fruits and healthy oils such as flaxseed oil, extra virgin olive oil and fish that are eaten the better.
  3. The body needs sunlight to produce important vitamins. These vitamins are important for obtaining the glow that we all strive for. However, too much sun results in leathery skin and the increased likelihood of skin cancer. Use a good sunscreen and monitor how much time you spend in the sun.
  4. Natural skin care products are a must for a healthy skin tone. Avoid products that contain synthetic chemicals and alcohol. The most effective skincare products are those with natural ingredients and organic sources.
  5. Wheat germ oil and coconut oil are often an ingredient in natural skincare products. In reading the container of a natural cream or lotion you will probably see antioxidants such as vitamin A, vitamin E and retin-A. The skin produces moisture naturally with these vitamins and the antioxidants are natural healers.
  6. Aloe Vera along with being great for helping with sunburn is a most effective skincare tool for its stimulation of the immune system and its possible benefit of making the skin more supple and seemingly younger looking.
  7. Wrinkling can be reduced by the use of retin-A and this is a safer and less painful treatment than botox or surgery. Sun exposure should be avoided also to minimize wrinkle forming.

The most effective skincare often is simply the lifestyle decisions that people make. Resolving to be good to your skin and especially your facial skin is part of the equation in having beautiful skin.

Your goal? To start utilizing these skincare products hand in hand with a healthy lifestyle. I have done research on the best natural skincare products and I would like to share my findings with you. You may be surprised.

Source by Robin Newsome